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[1309257] Update UbuntuHashes with 14.04

Affects Status Importance Assigned to Bug watch
src="https://launchpad.net/@@/milestone" /> ubuntu-docs Confirmed Undecided -

Bugs in ubuntu-docs in Ubuntu

Install Ubuntu or Other Linux Distros to SD card using BerryBoot – CubieBoard + Ubuntu Installation

To continue the unboxing video, here is a video how to install different Linux Distros on SD card. You may use the same method for different Embedded Boards …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Wine Page: http://www.winehq.org/announce/1.5.27 The Wine development release 1.5.27 is now available. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa sudo apt-g…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Caché Monitor 2.56

Caché Monitor is an SQL development tool for
InterSystems database Caché. It features an
advanced SQL query editor with SQL syntax
highlighting, SQL code completion with context
sensitive information about database objects (also
known as Intellisense), an SQL history buffer for
executed SQL commands, SQL code formatting,
parallel queries, graphical SQL execution plan
with index and selectivity information, SQL abbreviations, and much more. Database diagrams graphically show the structure of the database.

Release Notes: For the namespaces list, no access to the "%SYS" namespace is required. The source code in Class Browser shows the same code as in Studio. The Global Browser visualizes different node types with icons. The new Record dialog is available, and shows columns in rows. Each grid in Caché Monitor can open this Record dialog via context menu. In the table viewer, the new storage tab lists the storage information about a table, like global name and global size. All workspace settings are saved on exit and reloaded on startup, so Caché Monitor remembers the window position and state (docked\undocked).


Release Tags: Major feature enhancements

Tags: Utilities, Database, Front-Ends

Licenses: Freeware

Freecode Releases

Aspose.Note for .NET 1.1.0

Aspose.Note for .NET is a set of .NET components that enables developers to work with Microsoft Office OneNote files in C#, VB.NET, and ASP.NET Web applications, Web services, and Windows applications. It allows developers to open files and manipulate elements of OneNote books, from text, images, and properties, to more complex elements, and then export to PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP, or PDF formats. It supports OneNote 2010, 2010 SP1, and 2013 files.

Release Notes: This release supports rendering text with subscript or superscript layout. In addition to that, users can easily access and manipulate bullet lists, numbered lists, and paragraphs with spacing options through the Aspose.Note API. The content manipulation features now offer a bit more control. One valuable feature is retrieving the bullet or numbered list properties, for example the font, font size, font color, and format. The Document Object Model navigation mechanism has also been improved with important bugfixes.

Release Tags: Content Rendering in OneNote, better Document Object Model Navigation, render text with subscript layout, render text with superscript, access and manipulate bullet lists, access and manipulates numbered lists, .NET Alternative for MS OneNote

Tags: Convert OneNote Files to image, saving notebook as an image, Export OneNote (.one) file pages to PDF, Convert OneNote to PDF, Read OneNote Files, C# OneNote API, .NET OneNote API, .NET OneNote Processing, Convert OneNote to Image

Licenses: Developer Small Business, Developer OEM, Site Small Business, Site OEM

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Chinavasion: Newly Launched Windows 8 Convertible Hybrid Made For Business Travel

Chinavasion: Newly Launched Windows 8 Convertible Hybrid Made For Business Travel

Chinavasion Windows 8 Convertible Tablet

Shenzhen, Guangdong (PRWEB) June 05, 2013

Business travelers looking for the functionality of a laptop and the portability of a tablet will love the new Windows 8 convertible hybrid from Chinavasion, according to Rose Li PR manager for the tablet specialist.

An 11.6 inch tablet powered by Intel’s popular dual core Sandy Bridge processor and 4 GB of RAM has been released by the Windows 8 tablets specialist, Chinavasion.

What makes this unit unique from other Chinese offerings is its keyboard dock, which converts the amazing tablet into a nimble notebook with an impressive battery life. The tablet’s 12000 milliampere-hour (mAh) battery is backed up by the dock’s additional 9000 mAh capacity battery which makes this unit great for travel, says Li.

“Now you don’t have to relinquish the functionality and performance of a laptop when you want the maneuverability and affordability of a tablet,” says Li. “This Windows 8-ready device gives you both.”

With a 1.1 GHz Dual Core Sandy Bridge processor, 4 GB of DDR3 RAM and a solid-state hard drive that can be the upgraded to 96 GB solid state hard drive Li says the only things small about the tablet laptop convertible is its price.

“Underpowered, overpriced machines hampered the ‘netbook’ revolution from ten years ago leaving frustrated users feeling ripped off,” says Li. “The same can’t be said for this laptop tablet convertible.”

With 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, Li says, the tablet will be able to run Ubuntu’s Raring Ringtail or Windows 8 with equal levels of ease.

“Microsoft recommends that Windows 8 devices have 2 GB of RAM to run so 4 GB will mean that programs will load super fast,” says Li. “You could even potentially run Adobe’s CS5 on this device.”

The tablet/PC hybrid’s form factor and performance capabilities makes it usable almost anywhere for any purpose says Li. “It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to read an eBook at the beach, reviewing a spreadsheet at a job site or writing an article between flights, this tablet will be exactly what you need.”

Chinavasion is an online wholesaler of electronics gadgets. Visit our electronics store at: http://www.chinavasion.com


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, Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.
Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.

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Taking Kubuntu 14.04 for a Spin: What’s Up in KDE 4.13?

Kubuntu versions usually ship with a pretty standard set up of KDE, and Trusty makes no exception. You will find the clean, default and usual KDE interface, but fear not, for it is highly configurable and you can practically make it look and behave in any way you like it. Kubuntu ships with one of the latest and bleeding edge versions of KDE, 4.13.0.

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PhotoBulk 1.6.2

PhotoBulk is easy-to-use bulk image editor that lets you add text/image watermarks, resize, and optimize hundreds and thousands of images or photos in just one click.

You can also Rename multiple pictures and Convert to the most popular formats in no time.

Release Notes: This release fixes a memory leak issue and minor bugs.

Release Tags: Minor

Tags: bulk image editor

Licenses: Freeware

Freecode Releases

Ubuntu Edge: First Look!

Ubuntu Edge IndieGoGo Page: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ubuntu-edge What is the Ubuntu Edge? Its a revolutionary new smart phone designed by Canonical!…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Berkeley Yacc 20140409

Berkeley Yacc (byacc) is a high-quality yacc variant. It is written to avoid dependencies upon a particular compiler. It was written around 1990 by Robert Corbett, who previously wrote Bison. This version has been modified to conform to ANSI C.

Release Notes: This release provides part of the functionality from btyacc (back-tracking), as well as useful extensions for showing locations and a destructor feature for freeing complex memory chunks. The test suite was extended to cover these and existing features, using lcov to measure the total test-coverage.

Release Tags: Major feature enhancements

Tags: Software Development, Pre-processors

Licenses: Public Domain

Freecode Releases


JBIG-KIT implements a highly effective data compression algorithm for bi-level high-resolution images such as fax pages or scanned documents. It provides a portable C library of compression and decompression functions with a documented interface that can easily be included into image or document processing software. In addition, JBIG-KIT provides ready-to-use compression and decompression programs with a simple command line interface (similar to the converters found in netpbm). It implements the specification ISO 11544 and ITU-T T.82, which is commonly referred to as the "JBIG1 standard".

Release Notes: This is a security-critical bugfix release which remains API and ABI backwards-compatible to
version 2.0.

Users who decompress JBIG data from untrusted sources should upgrade.

It fixes a buffer overflow vulnerability in the jbig.c decoder (CVE-2013-6369),
a bug in the way jbig.c processes the option DPPRIV=1 (not usually used in practice),
and the ability of a specially-crafted input file to force the jbig85.c decoder
into an endless loop.

Release Tags: Major bugfixes, security update

Tags: multimedia, Graphics, Graphics Conversion, Software Development, Libraries

Licenses: GPL

Freecode Releases