Ubuntu Linux Booting and Running on HTC HD2 – Fully Functional!

EDIT: It does actually make calls and call the number but there is no sound. Here I have my T-Mobile HTC HD2, which is a Windows Mobile phone and I am going to boot Ubuntu on it. Ubuntu is a Linux Operating System for desktop and Laptop computers. It runs very nicely and is very smooth. It has text and 3G internet and all features of Ubuntu. It can’t make calls as of yet due to lack of drivers for the phone/modem. Developer’s Site: htc-linux.org Download here: gamesquare.co.uk

quesomanrulz.com – Hello Everyone! This Weekend’s tutorial is brought to you by http This video tutorial is a video tutorial on the process of Downloading an Ubuntu CD Image, Burning to a CD, and then Installing it on your system. This process can be confusing to new users of Linux and this is an attempt at an easy to follow tutorial of this process. All the steps in this video are from the Ubuntu Documentation at the following links: help.ubuntu.com help.ubuntu.com help.ubuntu.com help.ubuntu.com If there is any confusion about this video the best place to look would be under the section of which you are confused in the above links. Thank You for watching this video tutorial! If you are confused you can email me at quesomanrulz@gmail.com or ask our community at quesomanrulz.com Infra Recorder Download: download.cnet.com 7zip extraction software – download.cnet.com Follow Me on Twitter: twitter.com
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  1. John Palmer says:

    I think phone and mobile OSs should all move in this direction. Real computers run on compiled code. When you depend too much on scripts and libraries and shit things become slow and buggy to the point it cannot be fixed. Software today has become like a house with 12 additions built onto it.

    We need a few geniuses to start back at the brutal beginning in assembly and forge a new way ahead.

  2. alexross231 says:

    boot dsl, it should be a lot faster,

  3. ArtKun95 says:

    Firefox on HD2 starts faster than Chrome on my Core 2 Duo…

  4. FogiTofu says:

    Ubuntu is Linux, its built on Debian Linux, has a Unix core, and runs on the Linux kernel.

  5. aloysiusajxnmf62QF says:

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  6. sugarrcubie says:


  7. Imukka says:

    wp7 can work?

  8. jasonshipps says:

    He was actually right about it being the Linux KERNEL and Ubuntu being a distro. Fedora is RHEL. But you knew that :)

  9. DarthHwarrior says:

    I love HTC HD2, only ios missing and then its the best development phone out there :D , though it already is with Android, WP7, Ubuntu and meego fully on its way.

  10. A4Necromant says:

    there is only one problem with ubuntu on hd2, just after restart, wm will not run programms, so you will make hard reset…

  11. 1Ashkit says:

    How did you install ubuntu in your phone ??

  12. wesselwanders says:

    hello sir,

    you file for android on htc polaris still on your computer.
    if you still want to have it mailed to: wandersulft@gmail.com

    Sincerely Wessel,
    10 years

  13. williewillus1220 says:

    Why ubuntu? So heavy and clunky…something like Arch, or Debian would be better.

  14. windchannel1 says:

    is there sound yet ? so it can play mp3′s

  15. LemonPieLoL says:

    shut up you dick.

  16. 1aleksful says:

    HTC HD2 forever =D

  17. huangyin6324986 says:


  18. nafa9698 says:

    i don´t understand what ubuntu is?? what is the difference between linux and ubuntu?? is this a pc system or?? and is it possible to call or write a sms?

  19. sideburns2009 says:

    Ubuntu being built on the Linux kernel doesn’t make it a Linux operating system. Hmm, funny. I guess Android isn’t a Linux operating system either, but still has a Linux kernel. Must be the same for Fedora. BAHAHAHA

  20. ShadowEater120880 says:

    Ubuntu isn’t Linux. Its a distribution. Linux is ONLY the kernel. I’d also suggest pulling gnome out and installing a lighter DE like LXDE or simply use openbox, it will make it run a tonne faster.

  21. bror94 says:

    just felt my nerdvibes startet tickeling!

  22. scyptube says:

    niceeeeee! But it seems to be not very comfortable. I think that few years more and we should have full ver of ubuntu for smartphones :D

  23. sideburns2009 says:


  24. sideburns2009 says:

    no clue. google htc smart android.

  25. sideburns2009 says:

    yep, thats right.

  26. Birsp says:

    why not cd?

  27. king7583 says:

    already we have windows 7, after installation of Ubuntu Linux can we use both windows 7 & Ubuntu Linux..?? pls help..

  28. ivic1112 says:

    thanks man it works suscribe totaly

  29. rohan1067 says:

    you can create a live usb too

  30. Arturo Silva says:

    can one down load Linux to a thunb drive

  31. SneakySniper21 says:

    ok i searched but what good does a Windows 7 download do if I don’t have the Product Key

  32. kooll70 says:

    Just go to google and search : download windows 7

  33. SneakySniper21 says:

    How do i uninstall Ubuntu i bought a Dell Mini off a guy and it has Linux and i hate it…

  34. AndrewWalski says:

    ya just install wine

  35. AndrewWalski says:

    alright, all you need to do is go to a library or borrow a computer with a cd or dvd to burn to. Download an ubuntu.iso off of the ubuntu site then use a burning software to burn it(do not just drag it onto your cd drive double click it). then when your iso is done burning put it into your computer and change your boot bios to boot from a cd, then just boot it and hit install.
    If you need more help there is plenty of stuff online or you can message me.

  36. Markooo606 says:

    man plz help how the fck em i going to install it when i dont have any window(XP,7…..) installed on my notebook i just have linux and it doesent know how to open installation folder or .exe,how should i even open it when i download it????? this linux is most shti software in the hole universe. i know i need wine but how to install even wine when i cant open exe folders????PLZ HELP

  37. EricssonXL says:

    Huh it has Vietnamese? i didnt know that?

  38. slashduel says:

    I want to try Linux but can I still use Windows apps on it? I’m a college student so I’m expected to use stuff like MS Word, Powerpoint, etc.

  39. Mrwelcometowalmartif says:

    I have a problem doing this with 12.04 in infrarecorder i cant burn the disk
    maybe the disk isnt big enough? Ill try with a flash drive.

  40. iamuriah says:

    how do i load a kernal please respond asap

  41. xPlokiiHD says:

    I think he uses Camtasia Studio.

  42. LoganNZL says:

    Yeah, but theres no USB option in my compaq BIOS

  43. myojin223 says:

    my boot screen didnt come up do you know why?

  44. xPlokiiHD says:

    Or use wubi..

  45. jelibeli100 says:

    Dear Ben,
    What software you use for desktop recording? and how you zoom and unzoom smoothly ?

  46. LoganZone101 says:

    GO GA TECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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